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Where to go to study abroad?

Where to go to study abroad? The diploma of the European sample received abroad, considerably raises employment prospects in Ukraine. Therefore many try to graduate abroad.

For a start future student needs to familiarize with the list of the countries, giving education opportunity to foreign citizens, and then to issue and pay the contract on training. But before it is necessary to consult in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Here to you will provide information on existing interstate contracts which presume

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10 councils at a choice of English courses abroad

10 councils at a choice of English courses abroad So, you decided to study English in one of the countries where this language is native. Ireland, Great Britain, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and so on. As what image to choose this or that country?

Your choice should be defined by your own priorities and plans for the future. Why you want to study English? Whether language for further study abroad is necessary to you? If so, in what country you plan to study? Or English to you is necessary to promote in the country?

In this case

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10 reasons to get education abroad

10 reasons to get education abroad You very much want to study abroad, but sometimes you are overcome by doubts?

Here if you visited a kouching, would receive council to make the list of N of the reasons why you need to graduate outside of Ukraine.

Let’s make it together.

We will call 10 reasons, and you continue this list.

The main reasons to get education abroad
1. To get advantage at employment already at a stage of consideration of the summary.
If you receive prestigious specialty, and in parallel there is a

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Participation in the international program

Participation in the international program Alice Fedorov, teacher of political science:
– Yes, I am very happy that took part in the international program. Three years I lived in France in the suburb of Paris – at first as Au-pair, wrote then there the dissertation, in parallel working besides with the nurse.

These years much that to me gave – and fine knowledge of language and culture, and possibility to get quality education in France and simply experience of life in other country. Now I plan to defend the master’s dissertation

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My super vacation on Malta

My super vacation on Malta Studying of languages abroad – long ago not exotic. The countries in which it is possible to seize English, a set. Independently among them there is Malta – the small island in the Mediterranean Sea. What in it special?

Malta – option for those who wants to combine study and rest. Complete immersion on language Wednesday – 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week! Mass of the bright impressions, new friends from the different countries … Vacation to forget which at you precisely it will not turn

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