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A review of online Responsible Gaming.

Responsible Gaming is one of the most important challenges that the online casino industry is
facing. While online gambling is a safe and entertaining way of spending free time, it can also
become a problem for some people who take it too far or struggle to find a balanced approach.

This is why most respectable online casinos institute a series of extra features aimed to protect
users from the potential harm that excessive gambling can cause. One of the most useful extra
features in this respect is the ability to set betting limits. Some casinos allow their users to set
a fixed sum of money they can use to gamble for a period of a day, a week or even a month. This
allows the user to enjoy the thrills online casinos offer without risking any significant financial
damage or other problematic behavior like gambling addiction for example. Players, particularly
those who have struggled with overspending in the past should ask if the casino they intend to
sign up for offers this service.
Thanks to the huge popularity of online casinos and other online gambling venues, it is only
normal for scams or fraudulent websites to appear. These websites can either offer poor service,
bad content or can even steal personal information or money. In order to stay safe make sure to
always check the credential of a website by looking up reviews written both by users and
websites who specialize in the field.

Responsible gambling is addressed in a serious and professional manner by the
industry with the Responsible Gambling Council always offering information, resources and research in the field,
creating a better experience for all those involved. This way gambling addiction or other bad
gambling behavior can be easier identified both by the users and the casinos,
allowing quick and effective measures to be taken both in the interest of the players as well as the online casinos.

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. The Influence of the Media


In this section you are going to think about the positive and negative influences of the media. You will also take notes on statistical information about television ownership.


1 Read the following passage.

The media has become one of society’s most important agents of socialization. Television, radio, newspapers, the Internet, and other forms of media have a strong effect on the way we think and act. However, there is disagreement about exactly what the effect is. For example, access to television allows us to be better informed and gives us an increased understanding of the world. TV can also be used to entertain us. However, television exposes us to negative images, too. Furthermore, some critics argue that it may make us passive, violent, or too materialistic.

Other forms of mass media, such as video games, magazines, and movies, may influence our ideas strongly, too. We do not yet really understand the extent of their impact on society.

2 I Answer the following questions according to the information in the passage.

1 Does everyone agree about the kind of effects the media has on society?

2 What are some positive effects of TV? What are some negative effects?


Read these questions and share your answers with a partner.

1 Do you watch a lot of TV? Are you concerned about its possible negative effects? Explain.

2 What steps do you think parents, schools, and the government should take to protect children and adolescents from the negative effects of on-screen violence?

3 Of all the forms of media mentioned in the paragraph, which one seems to have the most influence on you? Why?


1 What kind of entertainment do you enjoy? Fill in the chart below.




Three programs you watch:


Three magazines you read:


Three songs you like:


Three movies you have enjoyed:


Three stations you listen to:


Three sites you visit:


2 Share your responses with a small group.


It will often be necessary to record the numerical information you hear in conversations, interviews, or lectures. Practice by visualizing numbers when you hear them and then writing them down quickly.

1 TV is one of the most popular and influential forms of mass media in the world. Work with a partner. Look at the map below that highlights four areas of the world. Guess how many TVs per one hundred people you think each area has. Write your guess in the blank next to each area.

Area 1:______ Area 2:________ Area 3:___________ Area 4:________

Listen to a report on television ownership in each of the four areas of the world in the map in step 1. Write the number of televisions per one hundred people next to


Area 1:

Area 3:

Area 4:

Area 2:

the area being described.


Compare your answers to step 2 with vour partner. Then compare those answers with your guesses in step 1.

Discuss the following questions in a small group.

1 What information in the report surprises you? Why?

2 In which areas of the world do you think TV has the most influence on people? Why? How do you think it influences them?

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Imagine that you are in situations similar to those of the people who were interviewed. What would you do? Circle the letters of all the answers that apply. Compare your responses with a partner.


You are alone in a city and it is late. You need to get home.

Would you. . .

a take the bus or train, even if you have to wait a long time? b walk home quickly but

without being very concerned? c decide not to go home, but to stay with some friends nearby?

If a stranger approached you, would you. . . a act calmly and talk to the stranger? b run away as fast as you could? c ignore the person and keep on walking?

3 If someone told you to hand over your money, would you. . . a agree to give the person your money?

b say nothing and pretend not to hear? c refuse to give them the money?

4 If a person stole a small amount of money from you, would you. . . b be very hurt and afraid?

c feel sorry for the criminal? d feel angry about what happened?

5 If your apartment were broken into, would you. . . a expect the police to help?

b expect the police to do nothing? c feel very’ violated?

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ACADEMIC LISTENING AND NOTE TAKING: Basic Work Skills Necessary in the Twenty-first Century

In this section you will hear and take notes on a two-part lecture given by Graciano E. Matos, who works in a career counseling office at a college. In his lecture, entitled Basic Work Skills Necessaiy in the Twenty-first Century, he will explain how technology has impacted office jobs.



In his lecture, Graciano E. Matos compares old and new wavs to get jobs and discusses the computer skills necessaiy for work in modern offices.

1 Read the following list of computer skills. Use the list to give a grade to yourself and an older or younger family member or friend.

A = excellent; В = good; C = average; D = very weak; F = failing

Older or Younger You Relative or Friend

Using e-mail

Learning to use new software

Understanding hardware problems

Cheating documents in Microsoft Word Doing research online

Using spreadsheets

Creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations Making business cards and flyers

Creating and organizing databases



Whose grades were generally higher – yours or those of your relative or friend? Why?

Discuss the questions below with a partner. Then share your answers with the class.

1 How do computers currently help you in your studies or in your profession?

2 How do you think you can improve your computer skills?

3 How do you think the Internet can help you look for a job?

•P! S ‘JStei


‘Об 03 зоб ‘AbmAuv


її ’03 биіоб зои ШД риє ‘ON


® ‘ssep sji)3 >(ооз зэлэи пол iAuunj зои S,3e41


(pnoi зпо цбПВ|) £SJB ПОЛ


•ssep ui psjoq |eaj ujj pue ‘цеэд

:p! SApsads

(ipeq Б^эцэеэ:} аїр asneaag


•>|.юмэшом эq} pue^SJapun },uop i

:p! SApasds

іґіод – цэпш }on


idn s,3BL|M ‘Лэн

:p! SApaads

t£l aged ‘ [ dais yuoiuidQ лиц Saumjs,, oi sjo. wsuy

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AMERICAN VOICES: Eddie, Leslie, Ralph, Vanessa

Felix, and Richard

In this section you will hear six people of different ages give their opinions about the positive and negative effects of various forms of media.



1 Work with a partner and read the following positive and negative effects of the media. Discuss each effect and find an example that you and your partner agree about. Write the examples in the blanks.

Positive effects Example

Keeps the user well informed NewCpape-K tell t/C tvhah к happe-ning in #ie – world

Is entertaining

Is a good use of time

Is a good form of communication __

Allows users to share opinions _________________________________________

(Other positive effect)

Negative effects Example

Causes users to waste time

Encourages violence

Has too much advertising______________________________

Encourages people to think alike

(Other negative effect)


Now look at the forms of media below. Choose three. Explain to your partner the positive and negative effects each one has on you.

• Television • Video games • Magazines • Internet

• Telephone • Newspapers • Movies • Other?


Opinions about media

Here are some words and phrases from the interview with Eddie, Leslie, and Ralph printed in bold and given in the context in which you will hear them. They are followed by definitions.


maybe a wasteful effect: something that makes you use time badly Video games restrict the things kids do: limit

Do big kids know the difference between fantasy and reality: something in your imagination, not real

The reason is not because they’ll make you deranged: crazy, mentally disturbed Violent games. . . just make Lhe kid a little bit more antisocial: less friendly Leslie

I used to think they were just trendy: the latest fashion a status symbol thing: sign of being rich or important She is able to keep tabs on us: know where we are Ralph




You’ve got to keep an eye on the movies your children watch: pay attention to You’ve got to check out the program: become familiar with



Work with a partner. Read the descriptions of the people who were interviewed in the left column. Then listen to parts of their interviews. Write the form of media they are discussing in the right column.

Person Type of media

Eddie is 15 years old. He is interested in sports, music, and traveling.

Leslie is 24 years old. She is currently studying

to become a teacher.

Ralph is 40 years old. He is a plumber and



Now listen to the entire interview with these three people. As you listen, take notes on the positive and negative effects of the form of media each person is discussing. Write your notes in the chart on page 86.


Positive effects

Negative effects




З і Compare your notes with your partner.


Opinions about media

Here are some words and phrases from the interview with Vanessa, Felix, and Richard printed in bold and given in the context in which you will hear them. They are followed by definitions.


It’s completely drained of all real information: without, empty of

[News is influenced by] the corporate and political interests: powerful corporations and political groups

The news is totally manipulated: controlled

anything that is not prepackaged: prepared in advance


Sports give you a lot of character: good qualities

I like a good whodunit: mystery movie (from the words “Who done it?")

Parents are the nucleus of the family: center

Especially when the kids are in their formative years: young age when good or had qualities are developed Richard

You have to look at the trade-off: disadvantages 1 link up with people: communicate

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