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Education abroad in au-pair

status Education abroad in au-pair For certain, much familiarly French word "au-pair" — the governess or the nurse. If to translate literally, means «in pair» — that is the nurse and the hostess of the house who has employed it, are engaged in the house and children in common. Many young girls from the countries of Eastern Europe, wishing to get to Western Europe to teach foreign languages, at the world to look and itself to show, already visited au-pair role.

Such international educational programs on learning

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Higher education institutions of Lublin which wait for Ukrainians

Higher education institutions of Lublin which wait for Ukrainians Last academic year in higher educational institutions of Lublin more than 3000 foreigners studied.

It is more than a half of them – Ukrainians. Except them, training in higher education institutions of Lublin was chosen by Taiwanese, Americans, Norwegians, Belarusians, citizens of Saudi Arabia.

There are in Lublin students from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia and Canada.

By number of foreign students Lublin – the third city in Poland after Warsaw and Krakow. Thus the internationalization

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Where to be learned on the expert of UNESCO?

Where to be learned on the expert of UNESCO? To be learned on the expert of UNESCO, it is necessary to go on training to Germany.

Only there bachelors from all over the world study according to the special program – to World Heritage Studies.

It is interesting that as the main manual the list of the World cultural heritage acts.

Who can become the expert of UNESCO?

Everyone who has a bachelor’s degree can be the expert. With the diploma it is necessary to arrive to the city of Cottbus (Brandenburg) to continue training according

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Why to study abroad it is difficult?

Why to study abroad it is difficult? Present that you moved to study absolutely to other country.

How think, will study you difficult or not?

Students, tell that it is difficult.

What at the beginning disturbs training?

Let’s understand training "reefs" abroad.

1. A language barrier, and sometimes and double (when the training program, for example, in English, and the language environment – Polish or German).

And even to study in English is not the same what to look series in the original since it is

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