The most expensive universities of the world

The most expensive universities of the world You think the most expensive universities of the world is Harvard, the Massachusetts technological university or Yale? And what you heard about Sara Lawrence’s college? It appeared on the first line in TOP-10 the most expensive educational institutions of the world. Here it is necessary to pay for training $61 236.

TOP-10 the most expensive educational institutions of the world published "Vesti". It looks as follows.

1 place – Sara Lawrence’s College, $61236

The educational institution is in the district Vestchester in Yonkers (State of New York). Based university William van Duzer Lawrence – the large real estate broker, the owner of pharmaceutical factory. He called higher education institution of the USA in honor of the wife Sara.

The college is known for high academic standards. The course is to the maximum individualized. Less than five students fall on one teacher.

2 place – the New York university, $59337

It is based in 1831 to Greenwich-Villidzh in the area Nizhny Mankhetten in New York. The university represents the private secular research organization. At first the higher education institution was created as University of the city of New York, but then it renamed in 1896.

Graduates of educational institution became winners of 36 Nobel Prizes and 16 Pulitzer Prizes.

3 place – College Harvey Mad, $58913

The higher education institution is in Klermonte (California). It was created in 1955. Represents private college of the humanities. The educational institution was established at the expense of means of a family and friends of businessman Harvey Mad.

Students of college receive strong preparation in the sphere of natural sciences. They have many practical scientific researches and theoretical academic courses.

4 place – the Colombian university, $58742

The official name – the Colombian university in New York City. It was based even before War for independence in 1754 as the Royal college which had the Royal charter. Is one of the oldest higher education institutions of the country. The educational institution was renamed into the Colombian college in 1785, and in 1787 the new charter was adopted.

Among graduates of higher education institution of 98 Nobel prize winners and 29 heads of states.

5 place – Wesley’s University, $58502

Middleton (Connecticut) is located in the city. The university represents private humanitarian college. It called in honor of John Wesley. It is known as the founder of a metodizm. By the way, the school was based by Methodist episcopal church in 1831.

Here always emphasize importance of training after receiving degree of the bachelor. The university can boast of that here very big percent of graduates receive a doctor’s degree.

6 place – Klermont Makken’s College, $58065

It is located in the city of Klermont (California). It is the private humanitarian college based in 1946. This institution only for young men was primary.

Women started to admit to university in 1976. In 1081 the higher education institution took itself Donald Makken’s name. He was one of founders of board of trustees.

The college is known for the highest competition in the USA, and also rigid selection of candidates for training.

7 place – Darmutsky college, $57996

Private university in New Gempshire. Darmutsky college – a part of League of an ivy. This one of nine higher educational institutions of England who is created before War for independence. Eleazar Uilok based college in 1796.

Here let out 3 Nobel prize winners.

8 place – New school of design of Parson, $57910

Private college of arts and design in New York, based in 1896 artist impressionist William Merritom Chase.

The institution changed the name more than once. It was known as the New York school of arts, the New York school fine and applied arts.

In 1970 the college became a part of New school of social researches. The new school of design of Parson is considered one of the most prestigious art schools in everything to the world.

9 place – John Hopkins’s University, $57820

It is the private research center. The university is in Baltimore. It based in 1876, in three years after death of businessman John Hopkins bequeathing $7 million for opening of new educational institution.

The university takes 31 years in a row 1 place in the world on level of expenses on engineering and medical development.

10 place – Chicago University, $57711

The higher education institution was based in 1890 by the American Baptist educational society. John Rockefeller was the first who brought the first large donation to university in 1891.

To higher education institution laboratories for the first time could carry out being self-supported nuclear reaction. Among graduates of Chicago University of 87 Nobel winners, 8 from which teach in Alma-mater.

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