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How to write the motivational letter to foreign higher education institution?

For receipt in foreign university the motivational letter is required. How it to write? About what to write? On what to make accents? Here some recommendations about structure of the motivational letter 1. Introduction. 1-2 offers which essence Read More

We study English in England

English is one of the main languages of the world is language of diplomacy, international trade and the main language of the United Nations. English in the state office-work, literature and a science about 200 million people, in Great Britain and Read More

Free education in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the Czech Republic. Programs of training in Prague

All school students, students, parents even before leaving school or university start to reflect where to receive or continue education, to pass training, how to build further career. And if earlier everything as a result came to an end with idle standing Read More

Green light on other continent

Programs of students exchanges between the different countries appeared in the late forties for the purpose of adjustment of cooperation between youth of the different countries. Each of programs is in own way unique – all of them pass on different Read More

International youth programs: work and training abroad

The international youth programs are possibility to gain invaluable experience of life in anothers country, to get acquainted with its culture, customs, to get many new useful acquaintances and, certainly, to learn language. Moreover, it not only Read More