We study English in England

We study English in England English is one of the main languages of the world is language of diplomacy, international trade and the main language of the United Nations.

English in the state office-work, literature and a science about 200 million people, in Great Britain and Ireland (along with Irish), in the USA, Canada (along with French), Australia, New Zealand, partially in South Africa and India today use. In more than 60 countries English is an official state language.

But so was not always. It is difficult to present, but at the time of Shakespeare, in English told only some million people. Britain, the homeland of English was initially occupied by Celts and Romans, then the German tribes which forced out former languages practically from all territory of the country there intruded and gave the birth to modern English.

For two centuries of capture of Britain Frenchmen French became aristocracy language, in English there were many French loans. In the XIV century English, at last, became the literary language, right and school language.

The real status got English thanks to distribution outside of the British Isles during colonial expansion. There were also regional language differences. Differences of the American option of English from British speaks that the first settlers to North America (1607) profits from London and vicinities, and pozdneyshy were natives of northern Great Britain and Ireland. By the beginning of the XX century English becomes language of the international communication.

For training to English abroad the choice, certainly, falls on the English-speaking countries. Usually the companies offer English studying abroad and English-speaking education in England, Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada on Malta, and in Switzerland.

Pupils can choose for themselves one of numerous programs are there can be short-term courses of language all the year round, vacation programs, respectively, during vacation, the program of secondary education (when children at the same time with English studying, study persons on duty to mathematics and history), training in higher educational institutions … And also a various specialized or long-term language course for adults, courses of preparation for the international examinations in English, courses for businessmen.

The greatest popularity among English courses training in England abroad uses. The main reason, certainly, is that fact that is the English homeland.

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