Free education in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the Czech Republic. Programs of training in Prague

Free education in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the Czech Republic. Programs of training in Prague All school students, students, parents even before leaving school or university start to reflect where to receive or continue education, to pass training, how to build further career. And if earlier everything as a result came to an end with idle standing before selection committees of the Ukrainian higher education institutions, a little productive job search after obtaining the diploma, for the last years there was an alternative. And a name of this alternative – the Czech Republic.

Now our compatriots have a fine possibility to get the European education in the Czech Republic — formation of the highest level which is recognized around the world. Today in the Czech Republic works 26 state and 46 private higher education institutions training more than 1000 specialties. Training in all state universities under conditions of knowledge of the Czech language and successful delivery of entrance examinations is absolutely free for all.

The Study Bridge company together with the partner company MCM offers the unique program «The Czech Republic – for all». Training abroad ceased to be something unattainable and now any person with average earnings can send the child to get free European education in one of higher educational institutions of the Czech Republic. It both knowledge and pleasure from study when the schedule is made under personal needs of students. And also experience of training in the foreign companies and the diploma recognized around the world.

It is not necessary to be afraid of ignorance of a foreign language. The Czech language very easy for perception the Ukrainian students, first, because of the general Slavic roots, secondly, because of the special methods of training developed specially for our mentality. The C studying Czech we also will help, you can go on courses of the Czech language in the Study Bridge center in Kiev as in groups and individually or to pass training courses in Prague

Also, our clients have a fine possibility to pass training in the Czech Republic on the specialty and at the same time to improve knowledge of a foreign language. Besides work and language practice trainees get acquainted with culture of other country, with methods of business and, at last, start business acquaintances. On the basis of the best higher education institutions of the Czech Republic our partners of MCM will develop for students the full program of passing of training.

The program will give unique opportunity to spend summer vacations interestingly and with advantage. This program assumes training passing in the best hotels of the Czech Republic, restaurants and country cafe. We recommend for all students and the youth, wishing to receive this program additional experience, to pass training abroad, aspiring to improve already received skills in work and languages, and also all that who would like to spend unforgettable summer in the center of Europe – the Czech Republic, and to meet new friends! After training you receive certificates on passing of training and training in the Czech Republic!

Use chance of receiving the higher education in Europe and successful career in the international companies worldwide!

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