Green light on other continent

Green light on other continent Programs of student’s exchanges between the different countries appeared in the late forties for the purpose of adjustment of cooperation between youth of the different countries. Each of programs is in own way unique – all of them pass on different conditions and provide different possibilities so to participants is from what to choose. However at all programs there is also something the general – base conditions which they show to the participants.

The first restriction which is imposed by each of programs, – age of participants. The age limit is defined by a framework from 18 to 27 years. However, depending on the program these restrictions can change.

The second criterion – an occupation. Usually students of a full-time course of study though here too there can be exceptions take part in programs of an exchange – there are programs both for correspondence students, and for those who already works. However study at university or work in the homeland – an indispensable condition for the majority of programs, after all it guarantees that the participant will return from "travel".

Existence at least basic knowledge of language of that country where the participant gathers is not less important. And it is simple to "know" language very often it appears insufficient, after all the majority of programs confirmation of knowledge – that is demand passing of special dough. Fortunately, if from the first to hand over the test it was not possible, it is possible to work with the tutor and to go on a repeating an examination – number of attempts is not limited.

Duration of the program depends on its type and the purposes which it before herself puts. Usually minimum duration makes 2 months – during this time the participant manages to accustom and receive any knowledge and skills. Maximum – 18 months. All this time participants are in the host country on legal conditions, and in most cases have also the work permit that allows them not only to get acquainted with culture, but also to earn.

It should be noted one more type of programs of the exchange, getting the increasing popularity, – university exchanges. Universities of the different countries sign cooperation agreements, and their students have an opportunity to continue training not in native higher education institution, and to choose from what signed the agreement. Accession of the Ukrainian higher education institutions to the Bolonsky education system promotes development of such exchanges so it is quite possible that shortly university exchanges become even more popular, than traditional.

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