To the Teacher

Teachers will find that Noteworthy offers both stimulating topics for study and great versatility. Any one of its three major goals can be emphasized to fit the needs of different classes. A teacher who chooses not to devote the extra time needed for students to take notes could use the materials for listening comprehension with a focus on cultural content. Individual lessons could be used to provide background for further treatment of a topic, and suggestions for doing so are given. And, of course, the teacher who wishes to concentrate on production could use the lectures as input for the accompanying oral and written exercises.

Note: The symbol Q in the margin indicates that the material needed to complete the listening activity is on the accompanying Audio CD or cassette tape.


A new feature added to the third edition of Noteworthy is a video component. The lecture for each chapter is now available on DVD or VHS. The video is meant to be used as a complement to the tra­ditional audio program. Students may opt to view a chapter’s lec­ture on video in order to simulate a more authentic classroom lis­tening and notetaking experience.

• The audioscript for Noteworthy is now conveniently located in the back of the Student Book, in Appendix A.

• The Unit Quizzes and Quiz Answer Keys are now located on the Heinle Listening and Notetaking Web site. Teachers can download them from notetaking. heinle. com.

• New topics, "Globalization" and "Distance Education," as well as updated lectures from the second edition.

• Extensive work on rhetorical cues to help students detect the organ­ization of the lectures.

• Communicative follow-ups to lectures in which students verify their notes by asking each other questions.

• Accuracy checks that require students to refer to their notes rather than answer questions from memory.

• Transfer activities that accommodate EFL as well as ESL classes.

• Collaborative activities for writing summaries and essay question answers as well as for developing critical thinking skills.

• Suggestions for pursuing the topic.

• Quiz preparation for each unit. Students review lectures and collaborate in writing short-answer and essay exam questions.

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