Passages: Birth Marriage and Death

I. PRELISTENING_________________________

B. Vocabulary and Key Concepts

1. bewildering/ingrained

2. shower/expectant

3. mother-to-be/pretext

4. expressions of envy/reassured

5. unheard of

6. banished/delivery

7. baptism

8. observed/fiancees

9. empowered/civil

10. bride/groom/superstitious

11. banned/hazardous

12. cremated

13. memorial/wake

14. eulogy/deceased

15. condolences/bereaved


A. Accuracy Check

1. shortly before the baby is due

2. (1) baby showers not always a surprise, and (2) men sometimes attend

3. baptism

4. the bride’s family

5. a religious ceremony

6. something old, something new, something borrowed, and some­thing blue

7. the groom

8. in case of cremation

9. a sympathy card and flowers

10. white

Unit Three

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