I. PRELISTENING______________________

B. Vocabulary and Key Concepts

1. skeptically/homogeneous

2. deny/impact

3. melting/metaphor

4. alloy/myth

5. excluded/discrimination

6. viewed/prejudice

7. mosaic/autonomous

8. Intermarriage/adoption

9. implied/exception

10. inherit/absorb

11. assimilation/generation

12. fragmentation/proponents

13. dominant/reflects

14. Opponents/Latinos

D. Notetaking Preparation

2. Rhetorical Cues

a. however,- on the other hand

b. In fact

c. For instance

d. however; nevertheless

e. Rather; Instead

f. On the other hand; However; Nevertheless

g. furthermore; also

II – LISTENING___________________________________ ‘

A. First Listening

Major Subtopics

ST1 the monoculturalist view ST2 the multiculturalist view ST3 the pluralistic view

A. Accuracy Check

1. No

2. harder

3. the monoculturalist view

4. African, Asian, and Native Americans as well as each newly ar­rived group

5. the patchwork quilt

6. No

7. 17%

8. We inherit, absorb, and choose it.

9. fragmentation or destruction of U. S. culture 10. open to change

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