this section you will conduct a short survey to find out what other people think the
most recent fads are. Then you will share your findings with a small group or the class.


When you are asked to talk about a topic to a group of people, it is often a good idea to collect ideas from your friends and other people that you know. Conducting our own survey may give you ideas that you had not thought of before.

1 A fad is a kind of fashion that becomes popular very suddenly and then usually goes away suddenly, too. Interview three people outside your class about recent fads. Try to find people of different ages and backgrounds. Here is a way to start the interview:

Hi. I’m doing a survey for my English class about fads. Can you tell me about a fashion item that is particularly popular these days?

And what about a food or drink item that is particularly popular at the moment?


Take notes on what the people you interview say. Write your notes in this chart. Also write down the age and sex of each person you interview.

Survey about Fads

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3



Items That Are Particularly Popular at the Moment

A fashion item:

A food or drink:

A game or sport:

A musician or entertainer:

A movie or TV show:

З I Nou: share your findings about recent fads with a small group or with the class.

О ACADEMIC LISTENING AND NOTE TAKING: Culture Shock – Group Pressure in Action

In this section you will hear and take notes on a two-part lecture given by Ivan Zatz, a professor of social sciences and cross-cultural studies. The title of the lecture is Culture Shock – Group Pressure in Action. Professor Zatz will explain why and how culture shock occurs.

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