Imagine that you are in situations similar to those of the people who were interviewed. What would you do? Circle the letters of all the answers that apply. Compare your responses with a partner.


You are alone in a city and it is late. You need to get home.

Would you. . .

a take the bus or train, even if you have to wait a long time? b walk home quickly but

without being very concerned? c decide not to go home, but to stay with some friends nearby?

If a stranger approached you, would you. . . a act calmly and talk to the stranger? b run away as fast as you could? c ignore the person and keep on walking?

3 If someone told you to hand over your money, would you. . . a agree to give the person your money?

b say nothing and pretend not to hear? c refuse to give them the money?

4 If a person stole a small amount of money from you, would you. . . b be very hurt and afraid?

c feel sorry for the criminal? d feel angry about what happened?

5 If your apartment were broken into, would you. . . a expect the police to help?

b expect the police to do nothing? c feel very’ violated?

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