As a student, you will often need to paraphrase information that you have heard or read. That is, you will need to express the same ideas in your own words. When you paraphrase, you are showing that you understand and can remember what you heard or read.

1 Read the following paraphrase before you listen to the interview with Carlos. Think about what kind of information might belong in the blanks.

V______________________ У


Carlos grew up in a

household. His parents moved from Puerto Rico to the United

Slates when he was ___ , but his mother left

his father shortly afterwards. His mother was a garment worker,

and garment work is ____________________ Sometimes she

needed to work a lot and left the children alone. When Carlos was

older, he used to____________________ with ___

after school until his mother got

home from work.

Carlos’ mother taught him two important lessons about life: to

take________________________________________ and to get

an education. As a child, he learned to_____________________ ,

____________________ ,____________________ , and run

errands. He also studied _ at home with

his mother.

Carlos thinks that it is important for children to have someone

in the family who is a kind of____________________ in their

lives. He thinks children are also influenced by people outside the family. For example, he met a lot of good

when he was growing up who taught him many positive lessons.



Now listen to the interview with Carlos. Try to listen for the information that you need to complete the paraphrase in step 1 and write it in the blanks. You may use more than one word in some blanks.

3 Compare your paraphrase with a partner. They do not have to be exactly Lhe. same.



You will not always agree with what you read or hear. Make it a habit to evaluate what other people say and compare it with your own knowledge and experiences.

Are the ways in which Robert and Carlos were raised similar to the ways you were raised, or are they different? Check (✓) the appropriate column. Then compare your answers with a partner.

Robert’s and Carlos’s Experiences

Your Experience




Grew up surrounded bv his relatives

Lived close to his grandparents and other relatives

Was carefully protected by his parents

Spent a lot of time with his cousins Carlos

Spent a lot of time unsupervised

Was given a lot of independence

Was given chores to do and errands to run

Had a person who was a strong anchor in his life


Read the list in the left column. It shows changes that have taken place in the American family during the past century.

Changes in the American family

Positive consequences

Negative consequences

Divorce rates in the United Slates are higher than ever before.

Many people are – able – to eseape from Very unhappy relationships.

People are spending much more time at work and less time at home.

Farenti Spend leSS time with their children.

Compared to a few decades ago, there are many more families where both parents work.

Меи and women both have the opportunity to have a eareer and alio have children.

Work with a partner. Fill in the chart with as many positive and negative consequences of the changes in the family as you can think of. In your opinion, are these changes in the family harmful to society, or not?

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