It is important to learn to pay attention to a speakers stress and intonation because they are a central part of the speaker’s message. There are several basic patterns in spoken English that you need to be familiar with.

1 A loud or emphasized word can indicate the importance of one particular idea. It can also show contrast between two ideas:

The SECRET to preparing yourself for the working world today is. . .

In the PAST, these skills were not necessary, but NOWADAYS, they are.

2 A rising tone often indicates that the speaker is asking a question.

______ -^w

Did you check your resume before you sent it?

3 A falling tone indicates that the speaker is making a statement or has completed a list.

You have to be prepared for todays workplace.

_________ fh_____________ r

You need to be able to type fast, do research online, and " ^

prepare PowerPoint presentations.

1 Work with a partner. Take turns reading the following sentences aloud. Predict how the speaker might use stress and intonation to draw attention to what he is saying.

• Circle the words you think the speaker will stress.

• Draw arrows to show rising or falling intonation.

1 Well, what are the skills that you need?

2 Then you decided where you were going to apply’, put your resume with a cover letter in a stamped envelope, and waited anxiously for someone to get back to you.

3 In fact, technology has not so much changed the process as enhanced it.

4 You can research employment not just in your city, but also in your state, your region, your country, and even other countries.

5 hr addition to using newspapers and the phone, the Internet has become the tool of preference for getting more details on job openings, applications, and other necessary information.


Now listen to these sentences. Check to see if your predictions were accurate. Correct the circles and arrows you drew if necessary.

З I Compare what you heard with vour partner.


1 The following items contain important vocabulary from Part One of the lecture. Work with a partner. Using the context and your knowledge of related words, take turns trying to guess the meanings of the words in bold.

1 making phone calls to prospective employers

2 put your resume with a cover letter in a stamped envelope. . .

3 The tools used are much more advanced, and they require more skills and expertise.

4 Technology has not so much changed the process as enhanced it.

5 This makes the search more open.

6 people of different socioeconomic backgrounds from all over the world

7 The Internet has become the tool of preference for getting more details.

8 You might have had a desk full of newspaper ads just to keep track of where you should apply.


Work with your partner. Match the vocabulary terms with them definitions by writing the letter of each definition below in the blank next to the sentence or phrase containing the correct term in step 1. Check your answers in a dictionary if nccessaiy.

a possible

b a letter to explain what you are sending c improved

d organize and remember e social and financial status in society f attempt to find something g ability h favorite way

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