LECTURE, PART TWO: Stages of Culture Shock


1 The following items contain important vocabulary from Part Two of the lecture. Work with a partner. Using the context and your knowledge of related words, take turns trying to guess the meanings of the words in bold.

1 If you were to depict it on paper, you might draw a "wave" shape.

2 People do not usually react with fear. Surprisingly, there is often a feeling of euphoria.

____ 3 You are on your guard because of the strangeness of the situation.

__ 4 Differences are likely to seem exciting rather than threatening.

____ 5 They might never recapture the honeymoon period.

6 Many societies have recent immigrants, sometimes in large numbers.

____ 7 Cultural differences can lead to tense relationships.

____ 8 tense relationships between different ethnic groups

9 Different cultures have to live in close contact with each other.

Work with your partner. Match the vocabulary terms with their definitions by writing the letter of each definition below in the blank next to the sentence or phrase containing the correct term in step 1. Check vour answers in a dictionary if necessary, a watching for any danger b connection; association c get back d make a picture of e cultural or racial f stressful; not calm g dangerous h intense happiness

і people who have left their country to live in another country

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