1 The following items contain important vocabulary from Part Two of the lecture.

Work with a partner. Using the context and your knowledge of related words, take

turns trying to guess the meanings of the words in bold.

___ 1 Children’s first role models are their parents.

2 There is an old saying in English: “Don’t do as I do. Do as I tell you.”

. . . But this advice doesn’t work most of the time.

3 If you smoke yourself, it is probably ineffective to tell a child not to smoke.

___ 4 Many people do not even realize the impact that they can have on a child.

5 It is common for babysitters, relatives, and child-care centers to take care of children.

___ 6 The most important thing for children is to grow up in an environment

where there are fair rules that are clearly established and followed consistently by everyone.


Work with your partner. Match the vocabulary terms with their definitions by writing the letter of each definition below in the blank next to the sentence containing the correct term in step 1. Check your answers in a dictionary if necessary, a influence b not going to work c in the same way all the time d opinion about what you should do e people who are an example for them to copy f places where professionals take care of young children

Ms. бе-fh ftsndman: family l^c4ioni

Fart Two: Mode-li


Look at these notes on Part Two of the lecture. Notice that the first main idea is number 6 because the last main idea in Part One was number 5.


Main Ide-aS

(o Mode-l’mg. mcans:



■ Cb’ldr&r have-

9 Mode-fine, is the – most imporfonf way cJrddrcn harn.

10 Parents


about negative lessons

babysitters, professionals in ofiild-eare centers, eaeh other, TV

3 “Pon’T do as I do,
doesn’t work.

11 Most important thi n^t



I Now listen to Part Two of the lecture. Take notes on your own paper.

3 I Use your notes to fill in the missing main ideas and details in the columns in step 1.

Compare the notes you took on your own paper and your completed notes for step 1 with a partner.

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