Kenny 6 How does Kenny react to the dirt in the city? a He really hates it. b He doesn’t mind it. c He wants to move back to the country. 7 What two places does Kenny like most? a the suburbs and the country b the country and the city c the city and the suburbs 8 When does Kenny dislike the city? a on rainy days b on sunny days c on snowy days 9 What kind of city would Kenny like best? a a city by the sea b a city close to a rural area c a city with beautiful buildings LISTENING FOR DETAILS

1 Read the following questions before you listen to the interview. Make sure you understand the vocabulary. If necessary, use a dictionary to check words that you do not understand.

1 Where did Kenny grow up? a in a small tow’n

b in Europe c in a city

2 What feeling does being in the country give Kenny?

a isolation b freedom c boredom

3 What made Kenny move back to New York from a small town?

a his kids b his job c his wife

4 What bothers Kennv most about the urban lifestyle?

a the noise b the people c the traffic

5 Which w’ord best describes Kenny’s feelings about his mother getting

a parking ticket? a anger b fear c stress

Now listen to the interview with Kenny. As you listen, circle the correct answer to the questions above. Then compare your answers with a partner.




1 Work with a partner. Read the list of activities below. Then, based on what you inferred from the interviews, decide whether you think that Barbara and Kenny would enjoy them. You may decide that only Barbara would like the activity, only Kenny would like it, or that they both would like it. Check (✓) the appropriate boxes.



1 Having a picnic by a lake

2 Going to the theater

3 Going to a concert in a small, neighborhood park

4 Going camping or hiking in the mountains

5 Going out to a restaurant with friends

Activity Would Probably Like It

2 Share your answers with the class. Be prepared to support your opinions.


Look at this cartoon.

Discuss the following

questions as a class.

1 What do you think the speaker means by "a larger community”?

2 Do you think the cartoonist believes that people who live in cities feel like part of a larger community?

Why or why not?

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