INTERVIEW WITH HENRY: Living with teenagers

Here are some words and phrases from the interview w ith Henry printed in bold and given in the context in which you will hear them. They are followed by definitions.

Adolescence is the time when the pressure begins to shift: the time between childhood and adulthood / move or change comes into full bloom at about thirteen, fourteen: becomes fully developed You can tell at a glance: with a quick look

with the hope that the fad would have passed: a new fashion that is suddenly popular

Where w’ould you draw the line: place a limit on what is permitted

They can be talking online: on the Internet

Should you be trying to monitor it: watch it carefully

My kids are into video games: have an important interest in


V____________________ У


Informal interviews and conversations are less organized than lectures or presentations. So, when you want to understand the main ideas, you have to think back over the whole interview or conversation and try to figure out what the people were trying to express.


In this interview’ Henry’ gives advice about how to deal with teenage children. Before you listen, read the following advice that is commonly given to parents on this subject.

Advice to Parents on How to Deal with Teenage Children

Be a good role model. Show them how’ to behave well by behaving well yourself.

Let them make their own decisions about fashion when they are ready. Monitor their behavior.

Give them freedom to experiment and have fun, as long as their behavior is safe and legal.

Set clear limits. Be clear about what they can and cannot do.

Listen to the w’av you talk to them. Try to avoid the annoying language that your own parents used with you.


Now listen. Place a check (✓) next to the main ideas that Henry’ discusses from the list above.

3 Discuss the following questions with a partner.

1 Do you agree with Henry ’s advice?

2 Look back at your answers to step 1 of "Sharing Your Opinion,” on page 19. Were your predictions about what Henry would let his sons do correct?

4 Another main idea that Henry talks about is the importance of peer groups. Read the two statements below and then discuss the questions that follow with a partner.

• As you get older, your friends become less important to you and your family becomes more important.

• As you get older, vour family becomes less important to you and your friends become more important.

1 Which statement expresses Henry ’s point of view?

2 Which statement do you agree with more? Why?

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