INTERVIEW WITH BELINDA: Gender discrimination in the workplace

Here are some words and expressions from the interview’ with Belinda printed in bold and given in the context in which you will hear them. They are foOowed by definitions.

The first answer is yes – that’s my gut feeling: deep and immediate There’s this “old boys’ club,” the support network that men have: groups and connections

I have mixed feelings: feelings that are in conflict with each other Sometimes I think that I’m just making excuses for myself: finding reasons not to feel bad about myself

It’s cool for evervone to be successful: OK




Read the following questions before you listen to Part One of the interview. Which answer do you think is probably correct?

1 The interviewer asks Belinda if she has ever been discriminated against because she is a woman.

Belinda answers:

a Yes. b No.

c Yes and no. d Not sure.

2 The question that Belinda asks herself is:

a Should I talk to my boss about getting promoted? b Am I as good as the men?

c Would I be making more progress if I were male? d What would my brother do in my position?

3 Belindas feeling about the current situation in the workplace is that a there has been no progress toward gender equality, b women should form their own support groups, c there is more opportunity for women today than in the past, d women will never have gender equality.

4 Belinda thinks that women

a usually think about themselves more than men do. b help themselves and other people, too. c work much harder than men.

d can’t make a place for themselves in the business world.


Now listen to the interview. Take notes on what Belinda says. Use your notes to choose the best response lor each question in step 1. Circle one choice for each question.

3 Compare your answers with a partner.

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