Remember that when you give group presentations, it is important for every member of a group to make an equal contribution. Review the guidelines for giving group presentations on page 73.

1 Professor Gilroy mentioned that many cities have their own "identity” or

“personality.” Look at the following pictures. Do you recognize these cities? What helped you to identify them?



Work in a small group. Choose a city that you know well or a city that you would like to visit. Do not choose the same city as other groups.


Work with your group. Use the categories below to help you describe the identity and personality of the city you have chosen. Add other categories of your own. You may want to do research in a library’ or on the Internet. If possible, use photographs to illustrate what you want to say.

CATEGORIES: geographic location size of city weather

cultural activities typical food customs or traditions architecture transportation problems facing city

4 ! Practice your presentation and then give it in front of the class.


[1] Look at the outline of Part One of the lecture on page 28. Think about what kind of information you might need to complete the outline.

[2] don’t want to be restricted: limited The boys did woodwork: caipentiy

But nowadays, there is less discrimination: unequal treatment Я they need a lot of my support, I’ll give it to them: emotional or physical help

You have to be flexible: able to change according to the situation

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