1 Read the following statements before you listen to the interview with Arpad and Evelina.

_ 1 Evelina is concerned about the crime news that she sees on TV.

2 Arpad is not bothered by loud groups of teenagers on the street.

3 Evelina is not worried about the availability of guns.

4 Arpad says that someone was recently shot in a local restaurant.

_ _ 5 Evelina says that parents need to have more contact with their children.

6 Aipad blames the high levels of crime on the availability of guns.

7 Arpad thinks that teachers have the main responsibility for teaching values to children.



Listen to the interview and take notes. Use your noles to answer the questions above.

Write T (true) or F (false) in the blanks.


Aipad supports gun control by the government.

3 Compare your answers with a partner.

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INTERVIEW WITH GAIL AND TOM: Being the victim of a crime

Gail often works late at night. Once she was robbed by some young men, and she explains what happened. Tom talks about being the victim of burglars and pickpockets.

Here are some words and phrases from the interview with Gail and Tom printed in bold and given in the context in which you will hear them. They are followed by definitions.

Once I was mugged by some young kids: attacked and robbed You’re mining your lives: destroying

Kids like that don’t need prosecuting: being charged with a crime and taken to court

Kids are so vulnerable: easily influenced

It’s almost a macho type of thing: strong and manly

The apartment was ransacked: broken into, searched, and left in a messy condition I lost irreplaceable personal items: something you can never get again It’s like a feeling of violation: invasion

I called the police so that I could have a record of what was stolen for tax purposes: in order to be able to deduct the amount of the stolen property from your taxes

I’ve had things taken by pickpockets: thieves who steal things out of pockets or bags, especially in crowds

It had symbolic value: emotional, sentimental,

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