Drawing inferences means understanding things that are not directly stated by a speaker. When you listen to people speak, you should not only think about what they tell you directly, but you should also be aware of what they communicate indirectly. Drawing inferences is a critical aspect of listening.

1 For each of the following statements, decide whether you think it correctly reflects what Linda or Shingo inferred in their interviews. Write T next to the statement if you think it is true or F if you think it is false.

1 Linda probably thinks that

a it isn’t easy for girls to make friends if they aren’t good at spoils, b boys today communicate with each other better than thev did in the past.

___ c it is difficult for boys to grow up in today’s changing world.

___ d both boys and girls should be caring members of societv.

2 Shingo probably thinks that

a parents want their daughters to stay closer to them than then – sons, b schools should offer the same classes to boys and girls, c parents love their sons and daughters in different ways, d children should not be allowed to make then – own decisions.

2 Work with a partner. Check to see if you drew the same inferences. Explain why you thought each answer was true or false. You may disagree about your answers.


1 Look at the following photographs. They show people of both sexes in roles that were unusual for their gender in the past.

2 Discuss the photographs with a partner. How common would these scenes be in your і community?

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