ACADEMIC LISTENING AND NOTE TAKING: Basic Work Skills Necessary in the Twenty-first Century

In this section you will hear and take notes on a two-part lecture given by Graciano E. Matos, who works in a career counseling office at a college. In his lecture, entitled Basic Work Skills Necessaiy in the Twenty-first Century, he will explain how technology has impacted office jobs.



In his lecture, Graciano E. Matos compares old and new wavs to get jobs and discusses the computer skills necessaiy for work in modern offices.

1 Read the following list of computer skills. Use the list to give a grade to yourself and an older or younger family member or friend.

A = excellent; В = good; C = average; D = very weak; F = failing

Older or Younger You Relative or Friend

Using e-mail

Learning to use new software

Understanding hardware problems

Cheating documents in Microsoft Word Doing research online

Using spreadsheets

Creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations Making business cards and flyers

Creating and organizing databases



Whose grades were generally higher – yours or those of your relative or friend? Why?

Discuss the questions below with a partner. Then share your answers with the class.

1 How do computers currently help you in your studies or in your profession?

2 How do you think you can improve your computer skills?

3 How do you think the Internet can help you look for a job?

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