Work, traveling!

Work, traveling! Work & Travel is a seasonal program which gives the chance to students to spend summer in the USA, working in the American company and freely traveling on the country.

Despite high cost (990 c.u., not including visa and flight costs) the program completely pays back itself because her participants receive from 1500 to 4000 c.u. a month. Thus to an arrival in the USA they are provided with work with accurately stipulated working conditions and payments so everyone can count itself, how personally participation in the program is favorable to it. Usually earned money suffices on completely to compensate expenses, to pay travel for the USA and to bring the small capital with itself.

It should be noted that work on the Work & Travel program does not provide hard physical work and does not demand special experience is is in many respects caused by that participants of the program are students of 2-4 courses. Besides vacancies of the program very various: from the employee of restaurant of fast food or the cashier in shop to office employee or the rescuer on a beach. As a whole, the choice of vacancies for students is rather great is gives the chance to each participant to choose that is pleasant to it more. Besides, it is possible to find to itself work independently – then the total cost of the program will be lower.

One more positive moment – the majority of vacancies includes at once also accommodation. In that case the student needs to foot the bill on a food and honestly to perform the work offered it. However at the choice participants of the program can refuse provided housing and to remove it independently.

The maximum duration of travel makes 4 months – from May to August. It is connected with that participation in the Work & Travel program is authorized only in official vacation of university therefore if training begins with September first, to return to Ukraine it is necessary till August 31 is a requirement of Embassy of the USA.

Requirements to participants of the program:
age of 18-23 years at the moment of departure;
surely – the student of day form of education;
not a final year at the moment of acceptance in the program;
basic knowledge of English, but not below Intermediate;
independence and skill to communicate.

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"Work plus Career"

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