Why students foreigners throw higher education institutions in Germany?

Why students foreigners throw higher education institutions in Germany? Training is not less popular in Germany, than training in the USA or in Great Britain.

But statistically a quarter of students give up study before obtaining diplomas, and among students foreigners this indicator is much higher.

On what it is possible to count in Germany if you did not study up?

So, 28 % of students in Germany give up study even before receiving degree of the bachelor. It almost every fourth student. These are official data of the German center of researches in the sphere of a science and the higher education.

More often German higher education institutions throw studying in the following directions:
– electrical equipment;
– informatics;
– mechanical engineering;
– some humanitarian faculties.

Why the youth in Germany throws higher education institutions?
There are some reasons explaining why students bachelors throw higher education institutions.

The main – an overload. Every fifth student who threw higher education institution, decided on it because of large volume of a training material. Being trained it was not possible to reach a level put by a higher educational institution.

It is even more difficult to cope with big loading that who combines training with work.

The second reason – bad motivation. It happens when higher education institutions deceive the expectations connected with requirements, shown to students, the maintenance of training materials, with future profession. Students who throw higher education institutions for this reason, as a rule, go to average special educational institutions or give up training, getting job.

The third reason – is not enough money to pay own expenses during training in Germany. However, there are cases when the youth which does not suffice means, too intensively earns additionally. It starts study. It is necessary to leave higher education institution because of poor progress.

Sometimes on a way to a treasured crust there is an insufficient support from a higher educational institution in the organization of process of independent work or too illusive communication between training and practice. Happens that the student does not have enough abilities, there is no desire to study. Sometimes young people not доучиваются in connection with the birth of the child, an illness of the native.

Why foreigners of problems with training in higher education institutions of Germany have more?
It is known that higher education institutions of Germany are very attractive to foreign students. Not for nothing Germany is in this plan on the third place after the USA and Great Britain. However, about 41 % of foreigners which study at faculties upon termination of which it is necessary to pass examination for degree of the bachelor, not доучиваются.

Problems of the Ukrainian and foreign students that is difficult to study them in Germany. It is not connected in any way with abilities or with intellectual level. Simply the system of educational preparation in Ukraine (and other countries) differs from preparation of school students in Germany.

In German higher education institutions the rate is done not on cramming or муштру, and on creative education, i.e. development of critical and creative thinking, knowledge acquisition in the course of work on projects, by works in groups, during discussions. In Eastern Europe, and Africa and Asia more value is given to reproductive training. Its main principle – do as I. To some students simply happens difficult to be reconstructed.

One more problem – integration in society. Germans infrequently offer the help to fellow students foreigners, and they are hesitate first to go on contact.

How in Germany prevent a tekuchka?
From year to year in Germany appears more and more projects which promote hospitality development. Already there were higher education institutions where students beginners take under a wing from first day: them meet at the airport, arrange on a language course, acquaint with teachers and fellow students, help to look for with them common language.

The good program of the help to foreign students functions at the Higher school of a name of Ernst Abbe in Yen. There to each student beginner fix the German student who helps during the first semester.

Good projects which help not to give up study, are in Brandenburg, Thuringia and Bavaria. As an example it is possible to call Training center of the Bavarian union of economy. There actions not only for entrants and first-year students, but also for school students are thought over. In particular they get acquainted with features of training at technical faculties on specialties of so-called group MINT (the mathematician, the informatics natural and technical science).

How it is possible to receive quickly the diploma, without having finished before higher education institution in Germany?
In Germany those persons who threw higher education institution, can study up and climb up nevertheless up on a career ladder.

For example, in Akhen there is a SWITCH project. He allows the studied less students to construct career. By request of Akhen’s Commercial and industrial chamber experts from among the youth which has thrown higher education institution steal up. Yesterday’s students are offered to graduate, but according to the accelerated program.

Similar projects appear and in other cities of Germany.

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