Whether it is necessary to study language if you are going to get married for the foreigner?

Whether it is necessary to study language if you are going to get married for the foreigner? Are going to get married for the foreigner?

It is better at once to start to study the native language of the future husband.

Otherwise in the evenings in a circle of friends it is necessary to feel only silent servants.

By the way, to study the native language of the husband it is necessary even in case you know English, your half knows English, but you will live not in the English-speaking country.

Thus excuses, it seems, can be learned other foreign language after moving as in the language environment everything will go like clockwork, are not accepted.

Why it is necessary to run on foreign language courses?
First, the level of command of the language at the moment of moving to other country, the will be higher quicker and easier there will pass adaptation. Simply present.

You in other country, the husband on work, his friends and your general friends in English do not talk or do not hurry to pass to it at your presence, for work you did not leave yet.

Than will be engaged? To suffer in proud loneliness? To talk to a cat? Constantly to call up to relatives on Skype? To play "ugadayka" with sellers in shops?

Secondly, to you friends of the husband will come home. They will talk in the native language. And you will understand at this time only that understand nothing. Will not ask again in English each phrase?

Yes it and is not polite in relation to guests. As a result, you will play a role not hostesses of the house, and silent servants, though full of advantages.

Thirdly, to study language in the environment from absolute zero difficult. During communication you will run into a dozing condition, endeavoring to understand though something and trying to return to reality, having hooked though for any familiar phrase.

Fourthly, with very poor lexicon you will quickly get acquainted with "effect of a dog" – I understand, but tell I can nothing.

Fifthly, studying a foreign language, you at least will partially get acquainted with the country where will go to live, with its customs, culture. The your representation will be more complete, the it will be easier to adapt. Otherwise you are waited by the real cultural shock.

Language is the first and main preparation for good life abroad with the husband foreigner. Only studying language, it is possible to fall in love with other country, it is possible to understand better than the husband and to build the strong relations.

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