Where to be learned on the expert of UNESCO?

Where to be learned on the expert of UNESCO? To be learned on the expert of UNESCO, it is necessary to go on training to Germany.

Only there bachelors from all over the world study according to the special program – to World Heritage Studies.

It is interesting that as the main manual the list of the World cultural heritage acts.

Who can become the expert of UNESCO?

Everyone who has a bachelor’s degree can be the expert. With the diploma it is necessary to arrive to the city of Cottbus (Brandenburg) to continue training according to the master World Heritage Studies (WHS) program. By the way, the specialty name on Russian is translated from English approximately so: "Studying of the World cultural heritage".

The technical university of Cottbus trains students according to this program within 10 years.

It should be noted that in Germany it is the unique such program on training of specialists in the sphere of studying and protection of cultural and natural objects which represent special value for all mankind and are entered in the list the World cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Who studies according to the WHS program of Technical university in the city of Cottbus?

On a stream students from the different countries usually study. Training flies by quickly as students arrange various joint cultural actions and parties, prepare national dishes. I.e. actively get acquainted with a cultural heritage of those countries, from where there arrived their classmates.

Besides the youth exchanges experience during occupations in audiences. Students present cultural values of the country. Their stories it is much more fascinating, than lectures of certified specialists, but also nobody cancelled them.

Such here in a way pupils pass the list of the World cultural heritage, studying material (culture monuments) and non-material (rituals and traditions) objects.

How many semester last the master program?

The master program is calculated on four semester. After completion of training participants of the program receive degree of Masters of Arts – the master of the humanities.

Students can specialize in different spheres – architecture, the culture, natural sciences. But all surely study a social science course.

Let’s add that in Cottbus assistant professors from different faculties of the Brandenburg technical university teach. All lectures, a practical training and seminars are conducted only in English. At first to students teach social and the humanities, then – architecture, art criticism and conservation. The third module is a cultural landscape and natural heritage. The fourth – management.

The diploma of the World Heritage Studies program admits around the world. He guarantees receiving excellent work, for example, in Paris.

Where it is possible to get job with the diploma in the WHS program?

Having received the diploma, yesterday’s students work in UNESCO in Paris or become heads of projects on protection of monuments and a cultural heritage at home.

When to submit demands for training?

To arrive on the master program, it is necessary to file documents till July 15 of every year.

To bachelors who wish to arrive in Technical university of Cottbus, it is necessary to collect such documents:
– application for participation;
– to make the small description of the education, experience, and also scientific interests;
– school certificate;
– the bachelor’s degree (or other diploma about receiving the higher education);
– covering letter;
– 2 letters of recommendation;
– the certificate which confirms knowledge of English.

The copy of documents needs to translate into English and to assure at the notary. Bachelors should send the demand and documents to the following address:

BTU Cottbus
c/o UNI-ASSIST e. V.
Helmholtzstrasse 2-9
10587 Berlin

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