Where in France children and teenagers can learn French?

Where in France children and teenagers can learn French? It is known that that during learning of foreign language to achieve effect «I hear and everything I understand», it is necessary to be shipped outward. And there – to plunge into language Wednesday.

One of the best ways of immersion – accommodation in language camp or training at foreign language school.

What language schools and camp use the greatest popularity in France?
One of the largest French companies who is engaged in the organization of a language course in all to the country, is ATOLL. The school has almost thirty-year experience robots. Here can offer the most various language programs for youth, for children and adults. Every year branches of school of French accept about 5000 students who wish to improve French and to be prepared for DELF examination.

Let’s note that the most part of summer language schools is in the south of France and in Paris. The children’s vacation programs known as for ATOLL Juniors, are not only in the capital of France, but also in other popular cities – in Cannes, Nice, Antibe, Yer and Biarritz.

Let’s stop in more detail on a language course for children.
So, in Paris a language course is calculated on children of 13-17 years. Standard courses consist of 20 lessons for a week (on the 45th mine). The Parisian school works within July-August. Students live in Sacred Nikolay’s campus. Cost of training of 870-890 euros a week.

In Nice training is possible also within two summer months (the end of June – the end of August). Standard French courses in France are calculated on children of 13-17 years. They last as much, as well as at the Parisian language school. Students lodge in a campus Jean Medsen and in "Imperial Park". Training cost – 730 euros.

In Antibe the program of training is calculated on children of 8-17 years. There are four types of courses: standard (20 lessons in a week), intensive (26 lessons in a week), for adults – the course ABITUR (29 lessons), a course of training to the international examination on knowledge of French – DELF Junior (26 lessons). Training cost – from 730 to 995 euros a week. The school accepts children of 8-12 years during the summer period, and teenagers of 13-17 years – from April to November.

In Cannes a language course organizes for children of 13-17 years in the summer (the end of June – the middle of August). There are standard courses (20 lessons in a week), intensive (26 lessons in a week) and courses of preparation for ESABAC examination. Training cost – 760 euros a week.

In Biarritz on training accept children of 14-17 years in summer months (the middle of June – the middle of August). On a choice standard and intensive courses are offered. Training cost – 779 euros a week.

In Yera it is possible not only to improve the knowledge of French, but also to receive elementary skills of sailing. To school admit children at the age of 8-13 years (cost of training of 730 euros a week) and 13-15 years (training cost – 830 euros). A language course – standard, and training is carried out to summertime (the end of June – the middle of August).

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