Study in London – we choose HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of England

Study in London - we choose HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of England Education in England always was famous for the universities and colleges. Training in London is considered one of the most prestigious, and uses doubtless popularity.

Royal Holloway university

The Royal Holloway university is one of University of London colleges. It was constructed in 1886 under the protection of queen Victoria. Many years the university is considered one of the best in Great Britain and occupies the top lines of a rating on level of teaching and researches of humanitarian and technical science, and also in the field of art. The school of management of Royal Holloway university is recognized as one of the best in Great Britain. The campus of university is located all in driving half an hour from the center of London, occupies the huge territory and has all conveniences to students.

On the area occupied by university there are student’s residences, a bookshop, bank, policlinic, church, a sports complex, golf courses, shops and student’s restaurants. The library of university totals more than 500000 books and magazines. In it are available both the computer center and the center of learning of foreign languages. Students and their friends and simply visitors of university can visit art gallery with a collection of cloths of artists of the Victorian era.

Subjects: History of arts, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Information technologies, Drama, Economy, English literature, Ecology, Political science, Mathematics, Journalism, Physics, Psychology and sociology.

For receipt it is necessary to know English at IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 213 level, to have the certificate about secondary education, and not to be more younger than 17 years.

Webster University Graduate Center

Webster University Graduate Center – postgraduate study of Vebsterovsky University. Settles down on Regent’s College campus.

The postgraduate study of University of Webster in London offers owners of diplomas of bachelors of humanitarian and natural sciences of BA/BSc of the program, allowing to receive the American diploma of the master of business administration for 1 or one and a half years (MA on business or the international relations for 1 year).

Possible programs of training:
Pre – MBA (1 semester)
MA Finance (12 months)
MA International Business (12 months)
MA Management (12 months)
MA Human Resources Management (12 months)
MA Computer Resources & Information Management (12 months)
MA International Relations (12 months)
MBA (12 months) or MBA with Emphasis (15-18 months)

Requirements to transfer:

The following documents are necessary for receipt: the bachelor’s degree and official транскрипт (interpretation and date of assignment of degree) GPA 2.5, or 2.2, letters of recommendation, the essay on 300-400 words, TOEFL 575 or IELTS 7.0. For transfer on the MBA programs – 2 years of practical work and the recommendation of the employer.

Metropolitan’s London University

Metropolitan’s London University was based quite recently – in 2002. But it not new educational institution, and result of merge of two oldest HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of England – University of Northern London and the London University Gildkhol. The history of these two Universities totals more than 150 years. At university there are seven hostels and two campuses. Metropolitan is located in the center of London that is very convenient for students. From any place it is possible to reach HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. Even from Heathrow airport the trip will take all hour.

The university has well equipped computer halls, library and a gym. The university allows the students to use free of charge the Internet and an e-mail, free of charge to be engaged in English. For foreign students probably free visit of a student’s bar. The university is famous for the unique approach to education which helps students to open completely the potential and gives the chance to find a job in the prestigious companies of various fields of activity.

Subjects: computer facilities, architecture, economy, business, applied transfer, tourism, европеистика, interior design, cinematography, English, education, right, MBA.

All programs of University are strictly focused on real needs of society and prepare the high quality experts demanded in the world market of work.

Training is possible at various levels – from training courses before receiving degrees of the Bachelor, the master and the doctor. The training beginning – in February and September of every year.

Requirements for English for receipt on programs: IELTS 4.5/TOEFL 450/193 on a preparatory course: A year course of training to university and language occupations on which termination students can arrive on a basic course of university. The minimum age of the student – 17 years.

IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 550/213 on degree of the bachelor: The degree course, is calculated on three years. The diploma is necessary for receipt on 1 course about the termination of average special educational institution plus successful passing an examination of IELTS. For receipt on the 3rd course (a premaster course) it is necessary to have degree of the bachelor (the diploma about the higher education).

IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 580/237 on degree of the master: The post-degree course calculated on one year. For receipt in a magistracy it is necessary to have also the diploma about the termination of a higher educational institution (training in a current of 5 years), and also biennial experience of administrative work upon termination of higher education institution.

IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 620/250 on degree of the master on applied transfer

IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 620/250 on research programs on degree of the master of philosophy (Mphil) and the doctor (PhD).

Besides excellent knowledge of English it is necessary to have degree of the master or the diploma of the expert. Selection of applicants passes on the basis of offered by them that for research projects.

American Intercontinental University (AMU)

American Intercontinental University (AMU) — private university. It is rather large international HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. In it students from more than hundred countries get education. It is located in the center of London.

Students are trained according to the Interior design programs, Business, the Fashion, Mass media, Visual communications, with the subsequent assignment of 2 degrees of the bachelor — the USA and Great Britain. Also the course «English as a foreign language» and the MBA program in the International Business is offered. In the course of training students receive valuable experience in the leading companies.

The university has flexible hours of transfer — the beginning of occupations several times a year, occupations are carried out in small groups with an individual approach of teachers to students.

Possibility of the training, invited celebrities, professional instructors with a wide experience and contacts prepare students by the beginning of successful career.

Roehampton University

Roehampton University is located near to the center of London. In it it is pleasant not only to study students, but also to have a rest. All complexes, both entertaining, and educational are nearby from each other in a picturesque corner of London. A picturesque campus with a set of services and convenience of a close arrangement to the center of London represent an ideal combination for study and accommodation at Roehampton Univer
sity. The university is especially strong in such areas, as the humanities, biology, psychology, education, history, theology and foreign languages.

Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University is one of the largest colleges of the London university. This HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION has some faculties and is training and scientific center of world level.

Queen Mary offers a wide range of degree and postdegree programs with ample research opportunities. As a part of college – the London school of medicine and stomatology, leading medical school in Britain. Annually to college there come for study students from 100 countries of the world.

The best in college programs in the following areas are considered: medicine and stomatology, right, electronics, IT and economy. At college some large international research centers, in particular, the Center of researches for a commercial law and the Interdisciplinary center of researches of medicobiological materials work. The college offers two preuniversity programs of preparation of foreign entrants to receipt in higher education institutions.

About 20 % of students of college – foreigners.

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – the world famous center of training and researches in the field of social, political and economic sciences. This school of economic and political sciences was based in 1895 by Beatrisa and Sydney Uebb, and already then won exclusive academic reputation.

LSE is international educational institution. Studying of public, political and economic problems mentions not only Britain and Europe, but also the countries of all continents. From the basis of LSE became laboratory of social sciences where ideas are born, analyzed, estimated and extend on the world. In LSE studied and taught 3 Nobel winners.

At school there are 19 faculties which are divided into 5 interdisciplinary institutes. Degree and postdegree degrees are appropriated in all directions of social and economic sciences, including business, the right, philosophy and others.

Thames Valley University

Thames Valley University (TVU) is practically the largest university of Great Britain. This HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION offers a wide choice of subject matters and programs. About 30 thousand students are trained in TVU. The main campus of university is in the suburb of London – Ealing that near to the western part of the central London. The second campus is in Slough, also in the west of London, but is slightly closer to Heathrow airport. Both campuses are located so that within half an hour it is possible to reach them on foot from the center of London.

The university offers a wide choice of applied academic specialties at any levels. The educational institution is proud and carefully preserves the traditions, and exclusive quality of teaching gives the chance high start for career. Many teachers of university have an extensive experience of work or still work in the sphere of their professional activity. It allows to construct training programs of courses taking into account the newest tendencies of the modern market.

The Institute of Education, UL

The Institute of Education, was based by UL in London in 1902. The institute is world-wide recognized center of researches, preparations of teachers, assignments of scientific degrees and consultation in the field of pedagogics and the sections of all social sciences connected with education. This HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION is unique college in London which would be devoted to exclusively this sphere of knowledge. Many outstanding scientists here teach, and talented young people with various interests study. The university is international, students from many countries of the world here are trained.

The university has fine library which represents the largest collection of scientific books and the magazines devoted to pedagogical researches in Europe, and also training programs and grants, literature on an education stories. The institute also has various means of training and information.

This HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION offers a wide range of courses of different level – from short-term refresher courses for teachers to master and doctor’s programs.

The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is one of the main universities of England. It was based in London in 1890.

Faculties: mathematics and computer facilities, pedagogics and education, engineering, health care and social sphere, humanities, pharmaceutical, Greenwich sea institute and institute of natural researches.

Already more than centuries the Greenwich university is international. Today in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION over 3,5 thousand foreign students study. The university has partners in the field of training, researches and consultation more than in 80 countries. Students foreigners have possibility free of charge to study English, and the preparatory office of foundation gives them all necessary skills for training in the British higher education institution. The university settles down in 3 big campuses.

The Greenwich HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION gives a wide choice of programs, courses and degrees for the students, and allows to choose that field of knowledge in which the student would like to be engaged.

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