«In the French party, on anothers planet …»

«In the French party, on anothers planet …» For the majority of the Ukrainian graduates the higher education at foreign university seems something from fantasy area. Speak, for study in Europe or over the ocean it is necessary to be or the child of rich parents, or the child prodigy whom the professorate noticed even during training at elementary school. But whether there correspond these stereotypes of reality?

Actually to graduate in America or the countries of the European Union it is much simpler, than it is considered to be. And, in spite of the fact that it is a task with many unknowns as in the solution of any difficult task, it is necessary to begin with the first step: a specialty choice on which want to graduate, the country and educational institution.

Take an interest in training conditions in the higher education institution chosen by you and procedure of assurance and confirmation of the Ukrainian documents on education in this or that country. To begin search of university and paperwork it is desirable not later than what in 12 calendar months prior to the beginning of academic year.

Choosing and estimating course cost at universities of the different countries, do not forget, except payment of occupations the mass of accompanying expenses is necessary: for housing and a food. All this is necessary for considering before making a final choice.

Education in Canada
Universities of Canada are considered as one of the best in the world on quality of education and a hardware. Except theoretical knowledge students of the Canadian universities have a real possibility to receive practice on studied specialty. The right to work in training is not simply provided to students. Universities and colleges are interested in employment of the pupils therefore many programs of training provided paid training.

Besides universities in the country there is a set of colleges quality of education in which not much more differs from university, but will manage much cheaper.

If want to study in the country of a maple leaf, it is necessary to choose college or university and to make an inquiry directly to the management of educational institution. From university will send conditions for receipt and forms necessary for filling. To do it it is optimum one year prior to prospective receipt even if at you still is not present on certificate hands about a srednemobrazovaniye. This stock of time will spend for correspondence with university and registration of the Canadian visa.

Training language: English. For receipt it is necessary to pass examination of TOEFL or IELTS. However, in some educational institutions it is unessential. Some are ready to accept under condition of good marks in the certificate and successful delivery of internal entrance examinations.

If your English is far from perfect, it doesn’t matter. Almost at each college and university there are year training courses, having ended which can study on a level with native speakers. In certain cases course programs are combined with preliminary preparation on the chosen specialty.

Training cost: on the average 12-14 thousand Canadian dollars (approximately equal American) for academic year.

Education in France
The government of France always aspired to make every effort to French and culture promoting therefore foreign students here always accept with pleasure. The number of nonresidents at the state universities reaches nearly ten percent from total of pupils.

For the graduate of high school receipt in the French higher education institution will not make special difficulties, under condition of successful examination. And here if want to continue the training begun at the higher school of Ukraine or other country, it is necessary much more difficult. In most cases such students should begin with the first course of university.

Begin registration procedure with embassy of France in Ukraine. The address is direct in educational institution in most cases will not bring results because reception of foreigners on training in this country is very formalized. Therefore all questions should be solved only through embassy. In the same place can learn about the state financial programs of support for foreign students. In continuous contact to embassy there are a lot of positive sides, in particular, after settlement with educational institution, special difficulties with receipt of a visa at you will not arise.

Training language: French. Training programs in other languages in France practically are absent. If studied at specialized school where teaching was conducted in French (and it confirms the document on secondary education), it is not necessary to pass entrance examinations in language.

Training cost: at the state university — 1-2 thousand a year, in non-state — 7-10 thousand. Pay attention, for training in non-state higher education institution it is more difficult to receive a grant from the government of France.

Education in Great Britain
The British traditions of education are famous around the world. The big flow of entrants from the various countries becomes the reason of big competition arriving and forces the British universities to toughen constantly rules of reception and the requirement for receipt. If want to get on training in England, one year prior to prospective receipt it is necessary to address in special service of reception of foreign students (learn about it can in embassy of Great Britain or in the English cultural center).

In Great Britain there are difficulties with recognition of foreign documents on secondary education. It is connected by that in the British system secondary education assumes 12 – 13-year training therefore if intend to study in Great Britain, it will be much simpler to arrive in English university not right after leaving school, and, having ended the first or second courses of the Ukrainian higher education institution.

Training language: English. Requirements to level of possession are rather high, up to skills of fast and faultless spelling.

Training cost: The disorder of the prices at the British universities is great: from 5 to 18 thousand pounds a year. Each university has the right to conduct the price policy therefore before finally making a choice, attentively study all offers.

Education in the USA
The program of the higher education in the USA — one of the most open in the world. At the American universities students from all corners of a planet are trained. Thus, training cost too is quite high. But as the government is interested in the maximum involvement of foreign entrants, to find the sponsor or a grantodatel for the especially gifted will not make problems.

There is a set of the scientific organizations, ready to provide financial support for the period of training. Some of them have representations in Ukraine. More detailed information can be learned in the American embassy. In the same place to familiarize with useful annual editions: «Training in colleges and universities of the USA», «A receipt order in higher education institutions in the USA: a grant for foreigners».

By the way, to pass entrance examinations in the American university it is possible even, without leaving Ukraine. At embassy of the United States there is a special service for consultation and selection of applicants for training where it is possible to receive necessary information and to pass preliminary tests.

Training language: English. For receipt it is necessary to pass TOEFL or a promotion examination similar to it. However, some universities with pleasure accept students even with insufficient knowle
dge of language: before the beginning of training an intensive language course will be organized.

Training cost: For academic year at the American university it is necessary to lay out from 5 to 10 thousand dollars. However, if possess good knowledge, the probability that will get to the program of support of foreign students within which your training will be paid is great. Chances of such outcome of the case raise, if plan to receive specialty in the field of natural, physical and mathematical sciences and engineering.

Education in Germany
Within the international program «Education without borders» can graduate absolutely free of charge in Germany. The flow of foreign students is limited to only introductory competition and the quotas established by each university.

During training the residence permit and the right to work is provided to students. After the completion of training the graduate of university can remain in Germany for a year for the purpose of job search in the specialty. If the labor contract is signed, the constant residence, and in three years — possibility of obtaining nationality is provided to the expert.

It is necessary to submit request for training directly to educational institution. Standard forms of inquiries and accompanying consultations can receive in embassy of Germany, and also in Goethe institute. In the last, except consultations — also to pass a training language course for delivery of introductory dough on German.

At receipt, except language dough, it is necessary to write test tasks on specialist subjects. Enrollment of students of Germany is carried out twice a year. It is recommended to submit inquiry one year prior to expected date of receipt.

Training language: German. If became interested in training in Germany, but never before studied language, intensive training courses will help at Goethe institute.

Training cost: in state universities — free. For well advanced students grants are provided.

Education in the Czech Republic
Though the Czech Republic also costs to the last in our list, quality of education here — at height. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic does not use special popularity among the Ukrainian students. Probably, the reason — a lack of information on very attractive educational programs of this country.

More than 300 programs of the training which results admit around the world are offered to foreign students and do not demand additional confirmation. The Czech universities work on the uniform international norms of formation of ISCED and practically never deviated the standard requirements in Europe.

For receipt it is necessary to address in the university chosen by you and to take an interest in receipt and training conditions. General requirements: the knowledge of the Czech language and the document on the finished secondary education, additional — each higher education institution establishes independently.

Training language: Czech and English. If expect to take a course on Czech, but earlier never it studied, the summer language course which is organizing at each university before the beginning of academic year will help.

Training cost: in the Czech language — free (as explains such popularity of the Czech higher education institutions among students from Western Europe and the USA). Training in English paid, cost depends on concrete university and the chosen specialty.

Source: magazine "Proponuyu to the robot"

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