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Hospitality in Swiss And prestigious in the hotel industry it is considered the most qualitative the Swiss education. It is not casual. After all Switzerland — is the homeland of the hospitality which has created faultless model of training to hotel business.

Training in Switzerland is considered a training standard to hotel management worldwide. Exactly here in 1893 the first-ever school of hotel management opened, and service level in the Swiss hotels conventionally is considered the highest. With the Swiss diploma it is possible to work not only in hotel, but also in travel agency, restaurant, a casino, airline, in the club resort, the cruising ship and even to direct any business, that is it is universal. About popularity of the Swiss education says also that now in this country over 6000 students are annually trained.

The whole matter is in the practice

Today one of the most dear higher education institutions in Switzerland on hotel management — is IHTTI school of hotel management (IHTTI). One of secrets of success of the educational IHTTI model — in a combination of the academic depth and administrative disciplines of British education (IHTTI follows the program of leading British Bornmutsky university) c a practical orientation of Swiss: practice, practice and once again practice!

Practical knowledge — important if not to tell main, making educations in this area. Therefore study in IHTTI is especially effective because training is organized on the basis of own hotel Eurotel where students can plunge into real hotel life and put into practice the received knowledge.

Moreover, in the second half of each academic year of IHTTI will organize for the students semi-annual paid practice in the most prestigious Swiss or foreign hotels, restaurants or travel agencies.

In Switzerland practice of students is paid above in total on the average they receive $2000–2400 a month, and by the training end they can save up very decent sum of money. Besides, the practice passed in Switzerland, is appreciated by employers much above, than training in what? that to other country. After all the Swiss level of service as it was already told above, is reference.

Training in IHTTI is conducted in English. If entrants know language insufficiently, they can tighten the English in Switzerland on the preparatory Foundation program at the low price — 300 Swiss francs (about 190 euros) a week (including all expenses: training, accommodation, a food, excursions and even the medical insurance) instead of the usual price — 800 Swiss francs. and the difference in the price for them will be paid in addition by institute. In IHTTI also reduced the prices for long programs of training to hotel business, having made this education more available to students.

Students of IHTTI not only receive two prestigious western diplomas upon termination of institute, but also have unique possibility to be integrated into the western Wednesday, to seize experience of study, work and life abroad, to understand, how hotel business from within functions. Besides, during study they get new friends and future partners in business from the different countries of the world.

IHTTI — the higher education institution aimed at integration of foreign students (and Russians, of course, treat their number) in the international hotel industry. It is clear that to our compatriots independently to find a place for practice or work abroad and to obtain necessary permit much more difficultly, than to citizens of EU. Therefore it is very convenient, when the institute — in this case IHTTI — can take care of all similar problems.

We choose the program

In IHTTI there are programs for all: graduates of school, experts with the higher education, wishing to receive the second profession, the professionals working in this area, but not having vocational education, and graduates of the similar Russian higher education institutions, wishing to receive the international degree of the master in only one year.

In IHTTI the special program of second higher education calculated on entrants with any higher education (or incomplete) uses the highest special popularity and giving the chance for short term (half a year of study and half a year of paid practice in Switzerland) to receive the second profession.

On the program of the first education training multistage: after each of stages (6–12 months) it is possible to receive the corresponding diploma, and then the choice is provided — to study further or at once to start to work. After a year of study the professional certificate, after two — the diploma stands out. And in only two and a half years the graduate of IHTTI receives also degree of the bachelor (British), and the highest diploma in hotel management (Swiss). The similar program can be passed in other Swiss schools only in three years. At the expense of increase of intensity of study training cost in IHTTI became much lower, than in other higher education institutions.

Level of prestigiousness of educational institution is defined by that, his graduates are how successfully employed. Graduates of IHTTI School of Hotel Management, work in the most known hotels of the world — Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Inter Continental, Raffles, Ritz … Many of them achieved top of career growth — became operating hotels. For example, student Antonio Akular works at an executive position in Hyatt Fair Lakes hotel in Washington in spite of the fact that it was disaccustomed in IHTTI only one year.

Graduates of IHTTI are not threatened by unemployment: by the time of the institute termination students receive solid experience and are in great demand at employers in the different countries of the world. Statistically graduates of the Swiss institutes occupy executive positions in hotel business (managing directors of hotels, etc.).

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