Education abroad eyes of the realist

Education abroad eyes of the realist Before making a final decision on participation in this or that program of an exchange, it is necessary to weigh accurately all pros and cons not to waste time and money in vain.

The main minus of programs of an exchange – riskiness of such action. Certainly, stories of acquaintances and enthusiastic responses on the Internet is one, and here independently to live in another’s country some months or year – another is perfect. For example, Au-pair can not get on with a family: even that fact that they remarkable people does not guarantee that they will manage to accept and improve good relations with the new person.

Not less popular Work & Тravel left more than once the participants without work – employers already on a place refused to accept children, and those had to look for new work independently. Certainly, that everything will be good would be desirable to believe, but it is necessary to see the matter really: any program of an exchange is a huge risk for both parties.

For those who looks for adventures, feels shortage of adrenaline and is not afraid to risk is the "it", and here that who hates surprises, it is better to think of other way of trip abroad.

The second doubtless minus – impossibility to earn. The majority of programs at the best allow to compensate a part of expenses, but no more than that. Au-pair receives 260 euros a month and cannot is high-grade to work is it is forbidden to it by conditions of stay in the country. So, to count that for a year of foreign life will be possible to save the capital, it is not necessary.

It is impossible to ignore that part of programs which is intended for earnings (the same Work & Тravel), but also here it is not necessary to be under a delusion strongly: in order that it is not simple to compensate expenses, but also to get profit, it is necessary many and to work diligently. Considering that fact that such programs are carried out to time of vacation, it is necessary to weigh – whether it is necessary to work for two all summer to receive couple of thousands dollars, or is better high-grade to have a rest and start study full of strength and energy.

One more fact, which usually consider as plus of all programs of an exchange (but actually it is plus quite disputable) – acquaintance to the country. Frankly speaking, it is plus only if the country, its culture, kitchen, people were pleasant to the participant. And if is not present? For example, the program is calculated on a year, but the country terribly is not pleasant, the local food cannot be used in food under any pretext, and people are rough, silly and uninteresting.

What to do and how to arrive in that case? To return? Or to clench teeth and to suffer, including days before return home? Someone can tell that negative experience – too experience, but believe, to the person who did not like a place where it brought, from it it is not easier. And besides to say that such trip can be of use any or advantage, alas, it is not necessary.

It is necessary to pay attention of all potential participants and to that fact that training in the USA is not only New York, Las Vegas or Miami, Germany – is obvious not one Berlin, and Paris is still not all France. To what it I? And to that many participants of programs of an exchange fondly believe that will live in the huge and all known city and then can brag to the friends as every evening walked under the Eiffel Tower.

Actually more than 90 % of participants get to the province which a little than differs from the Ukrainian remote place. Unless speak there in other language. Therefore it is not necessary to amuse in vain itself illusions, and it is quite good to be prepared for fresh and clean air, instead of noise of megalopolises. However, there are those to whom such deal only to liking.

Many go according to exchange programs in hope to "be hooked" and remain on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. That who seriously considers such option, it is necessary to read very attentively conditions of entrance to the country and participations in the program. The matter is that the part of programs obliges the participant to return home and then not to drive on the territory of the country within several years (from the 1st to the 3rd – depending on the program).

For example, the American Work & Тravel allows to take part several times, and here not less popular Muskie Fellowship program which sponsors United States Information Agency, forbids the participants to submit the application for work or emigration to the USA within 2 years after the program termination. So the program to the program discord and before agreeing on tempting option, it is necessary to specify all conditions then not to be trapped.

P.S. I at all am not the opponent of the international programs of an exchange. Moreover, in the near future itself I plan to become the participant of one of them and to go on training in Germany. But, preparing a material for this article, I came across a set of negative reviews of the various programs which main reason was that participants badly represented to themselves, on what go. And then, naturally, were disappointed. If you were not frightened with that is written above, – then … to a meeting in Munich 😉

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