Secondary education in England

Secondary education in England Averages and higher educational institutions of England are considered as one of the most prestigious in the world. For graduates of schools and higher education institutions of Great Britain often there is a hunting, many companies try to catch them in the staff.

Nevertheless, when it is necessary to choose private school boarding house in England for the child, it would be desirable, that it could adapt, join quickly there in process of training and quickly found friends. It is important

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Interview to the principal of Adcote Harry Right

Interview to the principal of Adcote Harry Right How there was an idea of carrying out competition on receiving a grant on training at Adcote school?
Many years among pupils of Adcote school the Ukrainian schoolgirls study.

As the principal, I paid attention to high academic successes of our schoolgirls from Ukraine, an active way of life, a wide range of interests and amazing working capacity.

Besides, girls make a huge contribution to school life – for us it means the interesting communication, new ideas in implementation of projects,

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Features of studying of language in England

Features of studying of language in England Choosing the country of studying of English, not лишне to take into consideration and that circumstance that English in Great Britain — is primary, correct, graceful and beautiful English which is clear everything, worldwide.

And English language courses in Great Britain will give the chance to you to receive classical phonetics and to acquire that grammatical system of language which is a sample and base.

And, undoubtedly, that lexicon which English studying in England will allow you

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Language course in New Zealand

Language course in New Zealand Many students go to New Zealand for the sake of language practice when study English.

There is a large number of the language centers at higher education institutions, private language schools and the centers, various individual both excursion educational programs and other.

Experts say that a language course in New Zealand can be good alternative to expensive training in Great Britain or Australia.

The main thing – to pick up the good program for improvement of the English.


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The higher education in Switzerland

The higher education in Switzerland Switzerland is well-known not only the resorts, but also universities.

And campuses of some higher education institutions are directly at the bottom of the Alps.

It should be noted that in this region universities which prepare experts for work in the sphere of hotel business and tourism mainly settled down.

Therefore to students how to be told, even it is necessary to be able to combine the resort atmosphere with study and practice.

What Swiss higher education institutions are popular

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